DPT-840: Clinic Medic & Pathophysio II

Credits 2.0
Academic Level

This course is the second in a three-part clinical medicine complex series. It is the first of two courses with emphasis on neuromuscular pathology and diagnosis. It is designed to challenge the student to evaluate the knowledge of clinical presentations associated with the neuromuscular system as a foundation for direct patient/client care and research. During the course of the semester students will be challenged to investigate similar presenting neuromuscular diagnosis and through clinical evaluation and physiological presentation demonstrate their ability to provide the appropriate prognosis and desired medical and therapeutic interventions given the diagnosis. Topics will correspond with the diagnosis and neuromuscular pathologies being discussed concurrently in DPT 830: Neuromuscular Examination and Rehabilitation I. Characteristics of common neuromuscular pathologies will be addressed, including normal physiology, etiology; epidemiology; underlying pathophysiology and histology; clinical signs and symptoms related impairments, activity and participation limitations; natural history and prognosis; diagnostic medical procedures; differential diagnosis; medical, pharmacological and surgical management; and expected outcomes. Differential diagnosis related to neuromuscular pathology will be emphasized and applied to determine appropriateness of physical therapy intervention.