DPT-714: Therapeutic Exer Prescr/Progr

Credits 3.0
Academic Level

This course provides a scientific basis for exercise prescription and progression for physical therapy practice. Students will consider underlying physiologic principles of therapeutic exercise in the prescription and progression of exercise programs to meet the needs of the individual patient. Students will be introduced to a variety of evidencebased tests and measures allowing for the assessment of physiologic function and an emphasis is placed on the ability to develop interventions for basic movement skills and their components. Students will be instructed on safe exercise selection and progression or regression of basic movement skills in consideration of the needs of the individual patient. Lectures and discussions will focus on applying the information from these topics into a framework for the design and implementation of exercise conditioning programs for various populations designed to improve performance and promote health enhancement. Laboratory sessions will emphasize development of the necessary psychomotor skills and their application alongside knowledge of physiologic principles through case-based problem solving to promote clinical reasoning. Additional theoretical and practical concepts related to optimization of the adaptations of human body functions to exercise will be discussed as advance considerations for physical therapy practice.