I. Introduction

The 3+3 BS/DPT program is a six-year curriculum, with three years of study each at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Upon successful completion of the 4th academic year, the BS degree in Exercise and Rehabilitation Science is conferred. The 4th academic year is the 1st year of the Professional Phase of the DPT program. (Certain other LMU degree programs may also serve as preparatory to application for admission to the DPT program; students admitted via this pathway are, in essence, Post-Baccalaureate-entry graduate students, similar students with bachelor’s degrees from institutions other than LMU.)

During the 4th academic year, students completing the BS in Exercise Science remain subject to BS program policies as they begin the DPT programs. They are also subject to DPT program policies. The purpose of this document is to clarify policies and procedures pertinent to the DPT Program.

The Direct BS/DPT Entry degree major of Exercise and Rehabilitation Science is described in the Lincoln Memorial University Undergraduate Catalog, not the Lincoln Memorial University Graduate Catalog (which catalogues Lincoln Memorial University’s traditional post-baccalaureate programs). All Professional Phase DPT courses are catalogued in the LMU DPT Course Catalog. The BS/DPT degree will follow the policies and procedures found in its respective catalog.