Appeal of Dismissal

If a student is dismissed from the professional phase, they have the right to appeal their dismissal in writing, within fourteen (14) calendar days. All issues and concerns relative to their dismissal should be directed and submitted to the DPT Program Director and will initially be reviewed by the Student Conduct and Academic Success Committee and their decision will be presented to the core faculty who will vote. The decision of the core faculty will be forwarded in writing by the DPT Program Director to the Dean of LMU-DCOM, who will forward it to the Executive VP of Academic Affairs (VPAA) who, in conjunction with the DPT Program Director will review all information and determine if policies and procedures relating to the case were followed and no gross misapplication of fact occurred. The DPT Program Director will forward the decision to the student by certified mail to his or her last official address or hand-delivered with receipt. All decisions of the Dean of DCOM, VPAA, and DPT Program Director will be final and binding. No further option for appeal will be considered.

If the appeal is unsuccessful, a student may reapply to a new cohort of students for the following academic year. Students who are readmitted into the DPT program agree to retake all core courses and provide evidence of competency in both didactic and practical components. This will ensure that the student does not lose continuity of information and is ready to proceed to clinical internships in a safe, efficient, and effective manner. Reapplication to the DPT program does not automatically guarantee reacceptance.